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The Cast For The Trump 2017 Miniseries

Back in April I started tweeting MY casting choices for the obvious Trump administration movie that will be produced someday soon. Updating this thread randomly throughout the year has been a fun break from the screaming despair that 2017 has handed us. In his administration's first year, Trump and his team have given us more cinematic plot twists and blanketed punchlines that makes me believe the Trump movie will most likely be a miniseries cut up by years. So let's have some wild casting speculation.

Since quite a few media outlets have done their list I tried to pull different options then theirs, but some are too obvious to ignore.


Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will be played by Television Host Tom Bergeron.

Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley will be played by Angie Harmon

Senior Advisor Stephen Miller will be played by Pauly Shore

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be played by Glee's leading man Matthew Morrison

The Generals

Secretary of Defense General Mattis will be played by James Cromwell. Mattis needs a presence of wisdom and respect. Cromwell has shown the ability to be that man.

National Security Advisor General McMaster's will be played Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actor Michael Chiklis, probably best known for his role as Vic Mackey on The Shield

Chief of Staff General Kelly will be played by J.K. Simmons. Simmons is required to be in half of the movies released in a year so we will help him hit quota. Simmons plays the good, the bad and the ugly.


Law & Order alum Sam Waterston should play Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the best of the best prosecutors.

Vladimir Putin will be played by Daniel Craig; There are literally websites dedicated to finding out if these two are related.

The former head of the the F.B.I. will be played by Will and Grace’s Sean Hayes, who may need about 7 phonebooks to stand on but a lot of James Comey’s scenes would be seated anyway.

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates will be played Australian Actress Rachel Griffiths, best known for her role on HBO’s Six Feet Under

Campaign and Administration

Actress Merritt Wever from Nurse Jackie had one of the shortest and most memorable speeches when accepting her Emmy for her role in Nurse Jackie, but she would thrive behind a mic as Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Senior Counselor to the President Steve Bannon will be played by comedian Ron White. The commonalities between these two, both served in the Navy, both appear to be professional drinkers. Ron plays a brash "self-deprecating character on stage and in film. Turn that self bulling onto others and he's your Steve Bannon.

Tony Hale has a history of playing socially awkward characters who get thrust into the spotlight, there is no one better to portray Carter Page

White House Director of Communications Hope Hicks will be played by the actress and model Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns, Suicide Squad) These two women are both ambitious and beautiful, with matching eye brows and former modeling backgrounds.

Former WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus will be played by Jon Lovitz. Having Ron White and Jon Lovitz build that rivalry we heard so much about between Priebus and Bannon would be classic.

Former WH Press Secretary and Communications Director Sean Spicer will be played by Matt Walsh. A Chicago improv veteran with experience playing a presidential press secretary on Veep.

Former Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka will be played by Russell Crowe. I am a big fan of Crowe's but this is just obvious.

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will be played by comedian and playwright Leslie Jordan, who has the right diminutive size and slow southern drawl for the part.

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway will be played by one of the all time greats in Laura Dern

Vice President Mike Pence will be played by Robert John Burke. Burke tends to play roles that fly under the radar, but are always memorable.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be played by Michael Harney from Orange is the New Black.

Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort will be played by Christopher McDonald. Who better to play the cunning campaign manager caught up in Russian and Ukrainian politics than Shooter McGavin?

Former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn will be played by Zeljko Ivanek. A first-rate character actor, best known as "that one guy." Additional photo for social wig approval.


Eric Trump will be played by Jake Busey, though Jake may have some years on Eric it’s all in the teeth for this casting choice.

Ivanka Trump will be played by Katherine Heigl. The unnatural blonde hair is not the only thing these ladies share, both woman began their careers as teenage models.

Jared Kushner will be played by Topher Grace. Topher may have spent years as an awkward teen on That 70’s Show, but he has since garnered attention for his acting chops in P.S. and In Good Company.

Trump Jr. will be played by Tom Pelphrey. Tom is a popular soap opera star who recently played a tortured Daddy’s boy in Netflix’s Iron Fist, which if you've watched you get this casting.

Melania Trump will be played by Claire Forlani, best known for her work in Mallrats and Meet Joe Black.


It took me all year but Hollywood veteran Val Kilmer is one of the few who has the range needed to pull off Trump. Plus, Val Kilmer is just awesome.

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